Just try resisting this

How’s that for some alliteration? But seriously, I’m starting to think this dessert craving is getting out of hand. Some background info: I didn’t grow up in a household that regularly ate dessert so anytime we did, it was considered a special indulgence. In fact, anything that was artificially sweetened was an anomaly in the […]

Answer: there’s not that much light, honestly. Not that I was expecting fireworks or anything the minute I declared myself officially DONE but still. Maybe I’m still in a semi-state of denial. For all I know, this could be an alternate universe and in reality, I still have miles of research to do. Scratch that. […]

It’s hard to put into words what these past ten months in London have been like without sounding cheesy, contrived, and utterly inadequate. But I’ll try anyway since it’s even harder not to say anything when all kinds of memories and emotions are being dredged up in this process of tying up loose ends and […]

Just a fraction of my reading material.

I feel like I’ve been living on the edge lately. Not in the wild, no-holds-barred sense of the phrase but more in the literal teetering, tottering sense. One moment I’ll think I’m on solid ground ready to take my next step forward and then the next, a huge (metaphorical) cliff appears and I’m looking across […]

If today were to be condensed into an ice cream flavor, or better yet a mixed cocktail, I’d name it this: Celebrations Galore (with a hint of bittersweetness) I started off the day with a quirky visit to the V&A Museum of Childhood. A friend had invited a bunch of us out to see an […]


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